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Why engage SWCO?

SWCO was established by two CPA’s with the goal of delivering expert guidance and execution of  activities surrounding the buying & selling of businesses (mergers & acquisitions) for main-street to middle market companies (Gross revenues from$1M-$75M).

In the service of clients as CPA’s, valuation advisors, tax and investment counsel… a significant void was identified in the provision of proper value assessment, exit strategy, and M&A execution. Business owners that desire to exit with maximum value or take their enterprise to new levels need consultants with relevant experience and expertise. Unfortunately, many business brokerage firms consist of individuals without relevant experience or credentials.

What is the financial impact of an exit for the seller?

A seller needs to know the net after-tax impact of a proposed sale. Our team will develop a likely range of values (and terms) for the transaction that we believe are probable. From this vantage point we can then assess the expected tax cost and net benefit to our client. Planning opportunities for the transaction often result from this exercise and this knowledge further empowers our client in making critical decisions.

How does SWCO charge for services?

SWCO utilizes an “Engagement Letter” for the representation of clients. Our engagements may be for: business valuation purposes, value enhancement consultations, exit planning, Merger & Acquisition (buying /selling) representation, and commercial property brokerage (or combination).

  • We will quote fixed fees for business valuation and consulting engagements based upon the time, complexity, and resources deemed necessary to deliver our assessments.
  • For Merger & Acquisition representation, we charge a success fee (a percentage) of the final deal price. A non-refundable analysis fee is charged at the onset of the engagement. This fee is necessary to conduct the initial valuation, market readiness, seller specific analysis, and development of a business memorandum that will be used to solicit interested parties. This fee is credited (a reduction) to the final success fee. Many broker firms will encourage you to sign a representation agreement without any upfront fees (a listing service). Value comes at a cost. The upfront analysis sets the stage for the best outcomes. Don’t risk your business on “free or inadequate” analysis.

We are committed to excellence.

We partner with business owners to answer the following questions:

  • What is my business worth?
  • How can I improve the value of my business?
  • How do I exit my business and capture maximum value?
  • What is the net after tax financial impact upon the sale of my business?
  • Our company wants to expand via acquisition and needs a partner to identify and assess targets. Can you advise?
  • Can you help my management team understand the key value drivers and risk factors that are unique to our company?
  • How do I handle company or affiliate-owned real estate when selling my business?


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